About Me


Woo.. where do I start!!

I’m a 25 year old Irish gal with serious impulse buying issues.. I mean serious!!  I’ve decided to start this blog to help me justify my spending sprees and to share with you my passion for all things fashion/beauty, healthy living and travel.

It’s a big world out there and I’m going to see it!  Well that’s what I keep telling myself anyway.  I’m always planning my next adventure and (sorry bankcard) I’m not stopping any time soon.

I’m currently working as a Beauty Therapist/Make-up artist so trying out all the new products is a must, right??  You see, there I go again trying to justify my spending sprees….whoops!  My style is mine.  I wear what makes ME feel good and confident and if the latest trend fits in with that then FANTASTIC!

I’m a big believer in looking after the mind, body and soul.

2 years ago I was introduced to yoga and meditation and since then I have not looked back. It has literally changed my life  (that sounds a bit dramatic I know but seriously give it a go, you’ll thank me!).  Keeping the body nourished through a clean diet is also hugely important to me.  My other loves are wine, Prosecco, Mojitos, Galaxy bars and microwave popcorn.  Everything in moderation eh…??

Stay tuned to keep up to date with my latest travel adventures, my outfit and beauty posts, and the odd lifestyle post!

Ellen x





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