Tan Thursdays – My new finds And faves! 

And before you know it “Tan Thursday” is back again! The day you go from feeling like a zero to a hero with the rub of a glove. The clothes look better, you instantly lose weight (I wish, totally all up in my head but I feel like it!!) Miracle stuff!!

For months I’ve been using the same tan week in week out, so the last few weeks I’ve decided to change things up! Changing your tan can be a daunting thing.

Does it smell?? How brown will the duvet go?? How brown will I go?? Will I resemble a zebra in the morning?? Will I look dirty in 2 days time?? Ugh.. the stress of it all!!

Well guys stress no more I’ve done all the dirty work for ye and here are my some of my new finds and faves!


At €24.95 this tan certainly doesn’t come cheap but with so much hype and talk about it I had to give it a go! Did it live up to the hype??? Well….. Its a very deep, dark,  golden colour (my fave!) from the minute you apply it, quick drying, the sheets stayed white…ish and no smelling like a biscuit!

I did all the usual prep in advance, popped it on before bed and then followed their colour guide (for dark tan shower after 4 + hours) then showered in the morning.The tan didn’t run down the drain like some others do and it really kept it’s colour. This tan was so perfect for the first 2 days but did fade extremely patchy, which was a bit of a let down.

However I do feel that different people’s skin reacts differently to different tans so it might work for you!

Would I recommend it?? It’s perfect for a night on the town or weekend away but be prepared to be scrubbing for the week after!

Overall verdict : 7/10

I got mine in Lloyds Pharmacy in Togher but you can find it here :http://m.lloydspharmacy.ie/item/373735333438

St. Moriz

Don’t ya just love a good bargain??

Well this little beauty is certainly a bargain and a half, costing just €6.49 normally and is currently reduced to €3.49 in Boots. Yes you read that right €3.49!!!!

I picked this tan up as an emergency back up tan for my hols just in case I ran out of my normal one because it was so cheap and cheerful. Mid hols getting ready to head out I was looking a bit more bawny than I’d like, so I very nervously decided to give this a go. Not properly exfoliated, straight onto my other half on half off tan, straight on with the clothes, I was expecting the worst!

What was I left with?? – An amazing deep, dark, golden, even tan which even my boyfriend complimented me on! What man notices a good tan?? For me this was a first anyway!!

The next morning I showered it off and it did wash off quite a bit but still leaving a nice golden colour. Personally I like to resemble a mahogany table so I popped on another layer and it was perfect!

It did however rub off onto the sheets a bit but had no bad smell! It faded so evenly and lasted about 5 days. One word of warning I do have about this tan is do not spray it directly onto the skin as directed! It’s seriously messy, I learned the hard way!! Pop it onto a mitt and then rub it onto the skin and it’s DEVINE!!

Overall verdict: 8/10

I picked mine up in Boots on Half Moon St. But you can get it online here: http://m.boots.ie/h5/cat_hub?path=%2Fen%2FSt-Moriz-Advanced-Pro-Formula-Fast-Response-Tanning-Mist-150ml-New_1787097%2F&unCountry=roi

Bondi Sands

Oh where do I start with this beauty!!

This was a tan I wanted to hate. At €21.99 it’s not cheap but with so many sponsored bloggers posts claiming how amazing it was, I needed to try it for myself!

From the second I opened the bottle I fell in love. I was getting serious holiday vibes from the coconut scent making me feel like I’m chilling on a beach in the Bahamas but in reality I’m frozen, starkers naked and it’s raining outside! One can only dream!

I got the dark lotion but a mousse is also available. I personally prefer lotions as I find mousses can be quite drying on my skin!  Anyways on with a mitt it went blending so easily and evenly giving a really dark , deep colour. The colour when applying is a golden colour with a slight greenish tinge to it, but do not worry come morning time when you shower it off you will be left with the most natural, beautiful tan you that you could ever get from a bottle!

I did pop another layer on in the morning but I do this with all tans! It does feel a bit greasy when its on but is super hydrating and left my skin feeling baby smooth for days! I had absolutely no rub off onto my sheets and it lasted so evenly for a whole week! This is a serious winner!!

Boots have a buy one get another half price offer on all Bondi Sands tans at the moment so I picked up this one and the liquid gold tan which I’ve yet to try for just over €30 for the two. Happy days!!

Overall verdict: 10/10 

I got mine in Boots on Half Moon St. But you can get yours here : http://m.boots.ie/h5/cat_hub?path=%2Fen%2FBondi-Sands-Self-Tan-Lotion-Dark-200ml_1798887%2F&unCountry=roi

Happy tanning!! 

Ellen xxx

Ellen Rose Canty 

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