Tan Thursdays – My new finds And faves! 

And before you know it “Tan Thursday” is back again! The day you go from feeling like a zero to a hero with the rub of a glove. The clothes look better, you instantly lose weight (I wish, totally all up in my head but I feel like it!!) Miracle stuff!!

For months I’ve been using the same tan week in week out, so the last few weeks I’ve decided to change things up! Changing your tan can be a daunting thing.

Does it smell?? How brown will the duvet go?? How brown will I go?? Will I resemble a zebra in the morning?? Will I look dirty in 2 days time?? Ugh.. the stress of it all!!

Well guys stress no more I’ve done all the dirty work for ye and here are my some of my new finds and faves!


At €24.95 this tan certainly doesn’t come cheap but with so much hype and talk about it I had to give it a go! Did it live up to the hype??? Well….. Its a very deep, dark,  golden colour (my fave!) from the minute you apply it, quick drying, the sheets stayed white…ish and no smelling like a biscuit!

I did all the usual prep in advance, popped it on before bed and then followed their colour guide (for dark tan shower after 4 + hours) then showered in the morning.The tan didn’t run down the drain like some others do and it really kept it’s colour. This tan was so perfect for the first 2 days but did fade extremely patchy, which was a bit of a let down.

However I do feel that different people’s skin reacts differently to different tans so it might work for you!

Would I recommend it?? It’s perfect for a night on the town or weekend away but be prepared to be scrubbing for the week after!

Overall verdict : 7/10

I got mine in Lloyds Pharmacy in Togher but you can find it here :http://m.lloydspharmacy.ie/item/373735333438

St. Moriz

Don’t ya just love a good bargain??

Well this little beauty is certainly a bargain and a half, costing just €6.49 normally and is currently reduced to €3.49 in Boots. Yes you read that right €3.49!!!!

I picked this tan up as an emergency back up tan for my hols just in case I ran out of my normal one because it was so cheap and cheerful. Mid hols getting ready to head out I was looking a bit more bawny than I’d like, so I very nervously decided to give this a go. Not properly exfoliated, straight onto my other half on half off tan, straight on with the clothes, I was expecting the worst!

What was I left with?? – An amazing deep, dark, golden, even tan which even my boyfriend complimented me on! What man notices a good tan?? For me this was a first anyway!!

The next morning I showered it off and it did wash off quite a bit but still leaving a nice golden colour. Personally I like to resemble a mahogany table so I popped on another layer and it was perfect!

It did however rub off onto the sheets a bit but had no bad smell! It faded so evenly and lasted about 5 days. One word of warning I do have about this tan is do not spray it directly onto the skin as directed! It’s seriously messy, I learned the hard way!! Pop it onto a mitt and then rub it onto the skin and it’s DEVINE!!

Overall verdict: 8/10

I picked mine up in Boots on Half Moon St. But you can get it online here: http://m.boots.ie/h5/cat_hub?path=%2Fen%2FSt-Moriz-Advanced-Pro-Formula-Fast-Response-Tanning-Mist-150ml-New_1787097%2F&unCountry=roi

Bondi Sands

Oh where do I start with this beauty!!

This was a tan I wanted to hate. At €21.99 it’s not cheap but with so many sponsored bloggers posts claiming how amazing it was, I needed to try it for myself!

From the second I opened the bottle I fell in love. I was getting serious holiday vibes from the coconut scent making me feel like I’m chilling on a beach in the Bahamas but in reality I’m frozen, starkers naked and it’s raining outside! One can only dream!

I got the dark lotion but a mousse is also available. I personally prefer lotions as I find mousses can be quite drying on my skin!  Anyways on with a mitt it went blending so easily and evenly giving a really dark , deep colour. The colour when applying is a golden colour with a slight greenish tinge to it, but do not worry come morning time when you shower it off you will be left with the most natural, beautiful tan you that you could ever get from a bottle!

I did pop another layer on in the morning but I do this with all tans! It does feel a bit greasy when its on but is super hydrating and left my skin feeling baby smooth for days! I had absolutely no rub off onto my sheets and it lasted so evenly for a whole week! This is a serious winner!!

Boots have a buy one get another half price offer on all Bondi Sands tans at the moment so I picked up this one and the liquid gold tan which I’ve yet to try for just over €30 for the two. Happy days!!

Overall verdict: 10/10 

I got mine in Boots on Half Moon St. But you can get yours here : http://m.boots.ie/h5/cat_hub?path=%2Fen%2FBondi-Sands-Self-Tan-Lotion-Dark-200ml_1798887%2F&unCountry=roi

Happy tanning!! 

Ellen xxx

Ellen Rose Canty 

Sunday Strolling

Ellen Canty

Why can’t every morning be a Sunday morning??!!

Mine are usually spent devouring brunch somewhere, a coffee fix at the local market and a stroll somewhere pretty. Perfection!!

These chilled out morning’s also normally consist of me wearing not so pretty yoga pants and a hoodie. That’s until I came across these Bershka beauties. Comfy??  tick!  Stylish??  tick!  Winning!!

I’ve realised lately that I have developed a serious obsession with the blush pink colour so had to grab this tee (my last 2 sets of nails, lippy and at least my last 5 items of clothing bought have literally all been this colour) and pants that look good and feel as comfy as pjs have to be bought!

I also tried these pants on with a camel coloured bodysuit and a pair of killer black strappy heels and it’s devine!! Perfect for a laid back look for a night on the town and sure you could skip the taxi and jog home afterwards and still look the part!!  JOKING!! I’ve linked the items below.

Ellen x

Ellen Rose Canty is a beauty therapist and a lifestyle blogger

Ellen Canty wearing Bershka

Ellen Canty wearing Bershka and Adidas

Top by Bershka

Pants – Sold out

Shoes by Adidas Originals

As Pretty as a Postcard – My guide to Santorini

Ellen Canty at Santorini

Santorini has been the number 1 “to do” on my bucket list ever since my 13 year old self watched “The Sisterhood of the Travelling Underpants“.

11 years on ( I apologise in advance! ) it’s still a guilty pleasure of mine! Every year since when spring hits and the holiday planning topic gets thrown around this has always been my dream destination.

Being from Cork in Ireland, getting to Santorini isn’t very straightforward.

With multiple flights needed to get there the price also multiplies.  I have done other budget friendlier Greek holidays to Crete and Zakynthos but my heart still wasn’t satisfied. So I decided this year was going to be the year, and so the planning commenced. I spent hours researching different travel routes to take, the best areas to stay, pocket friendly (ish) hotels and I did daily check-ins with the lifesaver app skyscanner to keep an eye on the forever fluctuating flight prices.

Ellen Canty at Santorini

The possible routes to take are:

  • fly from Dublin to Athens + fly/ferry to Santorini
  • fly from Dublin to Heraklion (Crete) + fly/ferry to Santorini
  • fly from Cork to London Gatwick + fly to Santorini

The best value for us and most convenient was the London option, flying to London with Ryanair and to Santorini with Easyjet.

We checked in a 20kg bag between 2 of us and trust me, the worlds most indecisive person, planning a strict 10 day outfit plan was a challenge!! My boyfriend on the other hand last year packed 4 jumpers and 3 pairs of jeans to go to Italy during a heatwave!

Can you feel the struggle people!!!!

Anyway.. after a night’s stop over in London and a 6am flight later we arrived in a not so sunny Santorini . Instead we arrived to a very cold, windy and at night time wet and thundery Santorini. with me instantly regretting my packing choices of skimpy little short shorts. I now (to myself of course) wished that himself had packed those 4 jumpers and 3 jeans! Thankfully after 3 days the weather settled don and on came the 25 degree heat! Perfect!!

The hotel we stayed in was the Andromeada Hotel in the area Imerovigli. The hotel was perfect!

In the best location in Santorini I think personally, this hotel was an amazing choice with stunning decor and a pool that didn’t have tourists peeping in while you sunbathe! You’d be surprised how many little pathways are overlooking the hotel pools. No thank you!!

Imerovigli is SO BEAUTIFUL and next to the AMAZING Firostefani and a 25 minute walk into the more lively but not so pretty town of  Fira. To see the famous sunsets of Oia is only a 15 min bus journey away or you can do a 2 hour hike. DO NOT do this in flip flops, I speak from experience and several blister plasters later!!


We spent our days getting lost in the little cobblestone streets, with the gorgeous white washed buildings with little blue doors and window boxes. With white backdrops at every angle It’s an Instagrammers paradise!!

And their steps, don’t even get me started on their steps. Like seriously, how can steps be so perfect?!!

Ellen Canty

Our nights were spent finding somewhere decent for dinner with the best views of the sunset (this comes at a price!!) .

We ate in some of the most amazing restaurants and ate some of the best meals I’ve ever tasted but by god did we pay for it!

This isn’t your budget destination, so if you’re thinking of heading any time soon START SAVING!!!

We ate in the Imerovigli/Firastefani area where. the walks every night to and from dinner were the highlight of the holiday. So pretty!

My favourite meal by far was in a place called La Maison.  It was insanely good! On the subject of insanity we also spent €65 on 1 piece of fish between two of us in a restaurant down 200 steps from Oia in Amoudi bay, famously known for it’s fresh fish. €65??

I nearly had a stroke, we wondered why everyone were just eating desserts!!   Lively night life isn’t something you will come across too easy here so if it’s partying all night you are hoping for you’ll be doing it alone my friend!!

A must do while in Santorini is the sunset cruise. There are so many different tour operators running these trips but after a bit of research online we chose the “Santorini Sailings” after seeing their incredible ratings.

Our trip lasted around 5 hours, which were spent with a group of 12 amazing people and crew. Unlimited booze all day and an insane feast was served up by the gorgeous Maria. From the second you get on the boat the crew make you feel like friends. This trip is worth every penny and is something I will remember forever!!


I could literally write all day about this place. It’s just simply Heaven.

If you want a place that has beauty around every corner, the best views, sunsets and meals in the world! ( I didn’t even get on to talk about their cocktails ) or you want a place of peace and tranquillity then this place is for you.

I spent double than what I had expected to do but is was worth every last penny ??

In the wise words of Mr.Big “Absofuckinlutely”!!  Now get booking ( and saving )!!

Love Ellen x